118 Twins dropped in latest TV push

The 118 twins have been shelved for the latest television campaign for directory enquiries operator 118 118, casting doubt over the future of the iconic characters.

The twins, famed for their Seventies moustaches, headbands and running kits, have been the popular faces behind the successful ad campaigns for the service since 2003.

But The Number, the company behind 118 118, has announced a shift in treatment for its dial-up service and claims that the new ads show how everyday people are touched by the effect of 118 118, allowing them to do extraordinary things.

However, even though it is understood the twins will not return to TV screens at least for the remainder of the year, their moustaches and headbands will remain famous for a while.

One of the new ads features a car mechanic, a taxi-driver and a barman who suddenly become super-skilled when they don 118 118 moustaches and headbands, and the ads see the launch of a new endline: “This calls for 118 118.”

Gary Knight, the WCRS creative director responsible for The Number’s campaign says: “We wanted to move on from the ‘Got your number’ campaign featuring the twins and have some fun with different people from all walks of life. But of course, true to the brand, moustaches, and headbands are all over the executions.”


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