12-year old scripts TV ad for EA Games

Videogame company EA Games has taken the unusual step of tasking a 12-year old to script the television advert for its latest game release, Spore Hero.

The advert, created by ad agency Ignition Creative, includes gameplay scenes with the voiceover script written by 12-year-old Blake Simons.

The advert for Spore Hero, an action-adventure game created for the Nintendo Wii console, breaks on TV on 9 October, the same day the game launches in shops.

Simons won the opportunity in a competition in First News, a weekly newspaper catering for children.

The competition invited kids to try and do a better job than EA Games on the advert.
The game puts players in a 3D world where they can create characters and battle to save the planet from destruction.

EA Games has also teamed up with Twentieth Century Fox turn the game into an animated film.

In September, Nintendo cut the price of the Wii console http://www.marketingweek.co.uk/news/nintendo-slashes-price-of-wii/3004828.article for the first time since it was introduced, following price cuts on rival games consoles Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360.


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