Britvic is resurrecting the design it ditched 20 years ago for its Corona soft drink, hoping parents will buy the brand to revive memories of their childhood.

From October, all bottles of Corona will be carrying the “every bubble’s passed its fizzical” slogan which was last seen in the late Seventies. Bottles of the fizzy fruit drink range have also been redesigned, bringing back the original crown design and putting the “bubble” slogan back on bottles.

The nostalgia campaign is intended to appeal to the drink’s core target audience of over-35s. Britvic marketing director Richard Manaton says adults will recognise the marketing campaign from their childhood and will be convinced enough to buy Corona for their children.

This is the first significant change for the Corona soft drink since Manaton took charge of the brand in February. The Corona brand had been running a Safe Club promotion on bottles, which aimed to persuade children to take an interest in, and send off for information about wild animals. This campaign is being axed because so few children responded to the on-pack offers.