Flextech’s The Family Channel has appointed TBWA for a 2m advertising relaunch next year.

It is understood to be planning to rebrand as The Challenge Channel and will feature weekend and evening quiz shows and daily dramas aimed at housewives.

The account was previously held by McCann-Erickson. Flextech bought The Family Channel in April and Jonathan Webb was made head of marketing the following month.

It planned to relaunch in the autumn, but decided to delay because of plans by Granada Sky Broadcasting to launch a rival service, called Good Life.

The Family Channel was dropped by General Cable because its entertainment remit clashed with the cable-exclusive Carlton Select channel. The decision to rebrand is also understood to have been taken because of the arrival of more than ten new channels, including seven from Granada Sky Broadcasting and Fox Kids Network.

Flextech is also planning a major relaunch of Bravo, which will feature cult and “Tarantino-esque” programming.

The account is worth 3m. TBWA will handle creative work and Universal McCann media buying.

TBWA pitched alongside Eurospace for the media. WCRS pitched for the full service, Mustoe Merriman pitched for the creative work and Universal McCann and New PHD pitched for media buying.