Dr Martens, the shoe maker, has set up its own record label, and released its first album, called Generation to Generation.

Dr Martens has independently pressed and promoted 10,000 copies of the album on its Dr Martens Records label.

The CD is a mix of 12 classic mod and new Brit Pop bands. It features classics like Green Onions and You Really Got Me, as well as new bands such as Box Office Poison and Mouse.

The CD will not be sold through the shops, but will be given away as a gift of purchase.

However, the shoemaker does not intend this to be a one-off project.

A spokeswoman says: “We will see how this album goes. But we are looking into other options after this.”

Dr Martens has produced an album before, called Unlaced, in 1995. However, that was a joint project between EMI and the music and sponsorship agency Music & Media Partnership.

In the past year, Dr Martens has also sponsored new bands at the Phoenix and Reading Festivals, and a new bands night at London night club The Garage.

Industry observers say that eventually the shoe maker is likely either to release a full commercial album, or individually sponsor up and coming bands.