Golden Grahams, the cereal produced by Nestlé and General Mills joint venture Cereal Partners, is to be relaunched with a new tongue-in-cheek image.

The cereal, which comes in honey and cinnamon flavours and can be eaten with or without milk, is being aimed at a more youthful market.

The “Followers of Grahams” concept, which pitches Golden Grahams as a cult breakfast brand, will shortly appear on cereal packets.

Created by promotions and design agency Exposure, the concept was launched at the V2000 music festival in a Followers of Grahams promotional tent.

Sample packets of the cereal were given away, featuring an on-pack “five steps to true fulfilment” guide.

Design agency RPE has also worked with Exposure. The relaunch is initially being backed with a radio and postcard campaign.

McCann-Erickson currently creates TV ads for the Golden Grahams brand and the new concept could be incorporated in future work.

Kirsten McNally, account director on Golden Grahams at Exposure, says: “The campaign worked extremely well at V2000, introducing tongue-in-cheek fanaticism into the brand.

“Followers of Grahams will appear on cereal boxes and will help enhance the experience of the brand for a more youthful market.”