What’s the big idea?

A record number of campaigns came under the judges’ scrutiny for the 2002 Hollis Sponsorship Awards. Judges were looking for evidence of the “big idea”, for innovation, for appropriateness and synergy, for creative work and maximised exploitation and proof on paper that the campaign met its business objectives and more.

They found all these elements with Orange, which for its campaigns Orange enjoymusic on campus tour and Orange Prize for Fiction fought off competition to take the first prize of Hollis Sponsor of the Year.

The Sponsorship Personality of the Year Award, sponsored by Sutton Gibbs Recruitment, goes to yachts-woman Ellen MacArthur MBE, who not only sourced her own sponsorship, but with her team, exploited it to its full potential, ensuring that Kingfisher (winner of the Sports Sponsorship category) renewed its contract with her. The programme catapulted MacArthur from obscurity to the status of national heroine.

The judging team comprised Tess Alps, executive chairman of Drum PHD; Lindsay Boswell, chief executive of the Institute of Charity Fundraising Managers; Nigel Currie, director of Craigie Taylor International; Helen Day, independent consultant; Karen Earl, managing director of Karen Earl Sponsorship; Sandra Greer, research director at S:Comm Research (UK); Sally Hancock, chief executive of redmandarin; Mike Jackson, director of Ipsos UK Sponsorship, Sport & Leisure Re-search; Bill Kallaway, managing director of Kallaway; Geoff Mayhew, corporate communications director at Cornhill Insurance; Katie Martin from Groundwork; Vanessa Miner, ex-sponsorship manager of Vizzavi Europe; Mike Reynolds, director of the Institute of Sports Sponsorship; Colin Tweedy, chief executive of Arts & Business; Tom Watson, managing director of Hallmark Public Relations and chairman of the Public Relations Consultants Association and Paul Wright, sales director Europe at sports.com.

Rosemary Sarginson, chair of the judges and publishing director of Hollis Publishing.

Sponsor of the Year: Orange

Projects: Orange enjoymusic on campus tour and Orange Prize for Fiction Arts Sponsorship

Arts Sponsorship

Supported by Arts and Business


Project: Orange enjoymusic on campus tour

Sponsor: Orange Entered by: Orange

Orange wanted to enhance its reputation as a source of music. The enjoymusic on campus tour set out to build awareness and acceptance among students as a content provider. It ran for 40 dates in student union venues across the UK. 45,000 students attended and the campaign reach was calculated at 2,239,000 – a 34 per cent increase.


Project: Rembrandt’s Women at the National Portrait Gallery of Scotland Sponsor: Lloyds TSB Scotland Entered by: Lloyds TSB Scotland

The principal objective was to heighten brand awareness and increase market in Scotland. Extensive coverage of the exhibition was gained totalling 167 articles across local, national and international press. Lloyds TSB Scotland also received a total of 4,651,524 name and logo credits.

Project: Pizza Express FreeStage Sponsor: Pizza Express Entered by: The London Jazz Festival

The chief aim was to promote the Pizza Express brand and underline its connection with jazz. Various promotional tools were used including the “London Jazz Festival Pizza”. The event drew huge media interest and attracted audiences of 60,000.

Project: The Unilever Series at Tate Modern Sponsor: Unilever Entered by: Sponsorship Consulting

Unilever set out to demonstrate its commitment to community involvement and to the arts, while linking the brand with target markets. Promotional activities including an information service on Bloomberg TV, an International Schools Art Project and ads on the underground.

Charity & Community Sponsorship

Supported by the Institute of Charity Fundraising Managers


Project: The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

Sponsor: Nescafé and Kit Kat Entered by: Macmillan Cancer Relief

The aim was to raise at least &£3m for Macmillan Cancer Relief, attract supporters and work with the sponsors to increase awareness. Promotion was carried out nationally and locally, through a teaser postcard campaign, registration forms and in Macmillan publications. So far, &£3.2m has been raised.


Project: Comic Relief Red Nose Day – Big Red Football Tour

Sponsor: Nationwide Building Society Entered by: Nationwide Building Society

Raising &£300,000 and increasing brand awareness for Nationwide Building Society were the main objectives. Activities included the signing of the world’s largest football and a celebrity penalty shoot-out. Media coverage was valued at &£357,357. More than &£500,000 was raised.

Project: Club Together

Sponsor: Rimmel London Entered by: Centrepoint

The aim was to raise awareness of and funds for homeless charity Centrepoint. Promotional activities included coverage and promotion on Kiss 100 radio and online, and a launch party with celebrity DJs. More than &£60,000 has been raised so far.

Project: AMP Kids’ Club Programme

Sponsor: AMP Entered by: AMP

The aim was to use the Kids’ Club programme to promote the rebranding of Pearl Assurance as AMP Pearl. To date, 140 clubs have received grants, 322 newspapers have covered the campaign and research has shown that 83 per cent of customers regard AMP as a trustworthy brand.

Education Sponsorship


Project: BT Education Programme

Sponsor: BT Entered by: Educational Communications

BT’s objectives were to improve the communication skills of children and teachers and to raise its own profile. Through the BT Schools Roadshow and the launch of an educational website, the programme reached 511,000 school pupils, 15,000 schoolteachers and 250,000 Web users. To date, 897 media mentions have been recorded.

Project: Barclaycard LivingLand

Sponsor: Barclaycard Entered by: Lexis PR

Environment Sponsorship

Supported by Groundwork


Project: The Scottish Forest Alliance – Woodland for Wildlife and People

Sponsor: BP Entered by: Woodland Trust Scotland

BP and the Scottish Forest Alliance are committed to helping to reverse the long-term decline of Scotland’s native woodland and to its sustainable development. A &£10m funding pledge is under way, and to date 5.2 million trees have been planted. Both national and international media coverage has been generated.


Project: Barclaycard LivingLand

Sponsor: Barclaycard Entered by: Lexis PR

Sponsor: TXU Entered by: TXU

The campaign is aimed at stimulating local regeneration, supporting environmental improvement and reducing fuel poverty in the former coal community of Thurnscoe, an area with high unemployment and low incomes. Through energy education workshops and free home energy surveys, residents were encouraged to take part in the project. Findings show that each year carbon dioxide emissions are expected to have reduced by 700 tonnes and 4.5 million litres of water have been saved.

Media Sponsorship

Sponsored by Sports.com


Project: Big Brother 2

Sponsor: BT Cellnet Entered by: Drum PHD

The objectives of the Big Brother sponsorship were the repositioning of the brand to appeal to a young market and an increase in revenue. It offered interactivity with the target market and gave BT Cellnet a fashionable image. Exclusive prizes were offered, along with SMS alerts. Research showed that broadcast sponsorship credits delivered more than &£10m-worth of exposure.


Project: Popstars

Sponsor: T&T Beverages Entered by: Granada Enterprises

See First-Time Sponsor category

Project: MTV Ibiza 2001

Sponsor: Pringles Entered by: MTV Networks Europe

Wanting to refocus on a younger market, promotional activities such as VIP trips to Ibiza and club tours formed part of a European tour. A combined media reach of 176.5 million people was achieved, and research indicated that 70 per cent of European young people in Ibiza were aware of Pringles as the event sponsor.

Project: Tomb Raider

Sponsor: Ericsson Mobile Phones Entered by: Carlton Screen Advertising

The primary objectives were to communicate Ericsson’s involvement with Tomb Raider, increase sales and create an image shift. Achieved through on-screen broadcast sponsorship and supporting activities, results revealed that the campaign had a positive impact on consumers’ perceptions, making them more likely to purchase, while linking Tomb Raider to the brand.

Sports Sponsorship

Sponsored by ICON Display and supported by the ISS


Project: Ellen MacArthur MBE

Sponsor: Kingfisher Entered by: Kingfisher Challenges

In order to raise its profile across Europe, Kingfisher sponsored MacArthur in the Vendée Globe yacht race. The sponsorship provided an accessible face for the Kingfisher brand. Achieving high levels of branding through extensive media coverage, Kingfisher tapped into the growing enthusiasm for instant news via SMS, e-mail and online. Coverage was estimated to be worth &£50m in France and the UK.


Project: NTL and the British & Irish Lions 2001

Sponsor: NTL Entered by: Karen Earl Sponsorship

The challenge was to raise awareness and deliver a media value of &£1.2m. Promotions included a “Technology Tour”, a branded column in the Sunday Telegraph, and radio interviews with Ieuan Evans. Findings revealed that 86 to 92 per cent of the target market correctly identified NTL’s business activity. A &£2.3m media value was achieved.

Project: English Football League

Sponsor: Nationwide Building Society

Entered by: Nationwide Building Society

See Sponsorship Continuity category.

Project: npower Test series

Sponsor: npower Entered by: npower

See Corporate Sponsorship category

Brand Sponsorship

Sponsored by Clintons Solicitors


Project: Sex and the City

Sponsor: Baileys Entered by: Carat Sponsorship

Baileys wanted to increase sales outside the Christmas period, as well as promote positive brand associations, creating the theme that Baileys is a “sensuous drink for sassy women”. Sales increased by 14 per cent during the sponsorship and awareness went up by 26 per cent, compared with the previous year.


Project: Orange enjoymusic on campus tour

Sponsor: Orange Entered by: Orange PCS

See Arts Sponsorship category.

Project: The FA Barclaycard Premiership

Sponsor: Barclaycard Entered by: Arena International

As well as enhancing brand image and awareness, Barclaycard aimed to generate tangible commercial returns. Sponsorship awareness is comparable to ad awareness (plus Barclaycard is the leading Premiership sponsor among fans), positive media coverage has doubled, brand awareness has improved and profits increased 20 per cent.

Project: Cold Feet

Sponsor: Mini Entered by: Granada Enterprises

Mini’s objective was to raise brand awareness and increase affinity among young adults. “Mini Dramas” fitted with the tone of Cold Feet, and as a result generated positive feedback. Radio, Internet, PR and press advertising contributed to the success of the campaign. Research indicates that the sponsorship was effective among Mini’s primary market.

Corporate Sponsorship


Project: Ellen MacArthur MBE

Sponsor: Kingfisher

Entered by: Kingfisher

See Sports Sponsorship category


Project: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Sponsor: NTL Entered by: Carat Sponsorship

NTL wanted to build brand awareness and position itself as a UK broadband service provider. Using programme credits to illustrate its product range, NTL secured clear growth in awareness and understanding. Research showed that almost half the UK population was aware of the sponsorship.

Project: Big Brother 2

Sponsor: BT Cellnet Entered by: Drum PHD

See Media Sponsorship category

Project: England Football Team

Sponsor: Nationwide Building Society

Entered by: Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide wanted recognition as the England team sponsor and to reinforce brand values. Extensive media coverage, including sponsorship of matches on BSkyB, were used. As a result, 62 per cent of the 12 million people interested in football are aware of Nationwide’s link with the team. Research showed the company is viewed positively by football fans.

Project: npower Test series

Sponsor: npower Entered by: npower

Objectives were to increase awareness and position the brand as a provider of essential services. Through TV advertising, press coverage, online presence and an interactive game, npower achieved increased brand awareness.

First-Time Sponsor

Project: Popstars

Sponsor: T&T Beverages Entered by: Granada Enterprises

T&T wanted to raise brand awareness among young people. T&T credits appeared on the show, with a promotional video and “Uncut” extras. As a result of the campaign, sales rose by 1,313 per cent, making T&T the UK’s fastest-growing drink brand.


Project: Tennis events with the Lawn Tennis Association

Sponsor: Britannic Asset Management Entered by: Capitalize

The objectives were to achieve positive media coverage, improve brand awareness and appeal to Independent Financial Advisors. Promotional activities included a media launch, competitions, and branding. Total media value was approximately three times the sponsorship fee.

Project: Ipswich Town Football Club

Sponsor: TXU Energi Entered by: Craigie Taylor

TXU wanted to establish its brand in East Anglia and nationally. Work involved shirt branding, community projects and giveaways. Awareness levels quintupled in four months, and sales forces improved.

Project: What Colour Will You Be Tonight?

Sponsor: Schwarzkopf LIVE Unlimited Colours Entered by: Total Sponsorship

Using a sponsorship, promotions, event marketing and online activity, the brand managed to develop and sustain a strong relationship with a volatile market. Sales figures show that LIVE is one of the fastest-growing permanent colour brands in the UK.

Project: Tilney Melrose Sevens

Sponsor: Tilney Investment Management Entered by: Total Sponsorship

Tilney’s objectives were to raise brand awareness in Scotland and reinforce brand values. It successfully fulfilled these criteria through promotional activities such as the Tilney Coaching Clinic, a website, a print campaign and corporate hospitality.

Sponsorship Continuity


Project: English Football League Sponsor: Nationwide Building Society Entered by: Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide wanted to reach personnel and members, target its core market of 18to 44-year-olds, increase brand exposure and strengthen its association with the Football League. Nationwide secured vast media coverage, resulting in 77 per cent of the target market becoming aware of the sponsorship. 1,250 match tickets were given away to employees and 1,000 to members. Regular positive feedback is received.


Project: Orange Prize for Fiction

Sponsor: Orange Entered by: Orange

Raising brand awareness and generating coverage were the objectives. Orange Futures, promoting new women writers; and Orange Chatterbooks, a children’s reading scheme, ran alongside the project. National media coverage grew by 65 per cent. Evaluation showed the sponsorship delivered a strong positive message.

Project: Volvo Youth Sailing

Sponsor: Volvo Entered by: Marketing Activity

Objectives include recognition of Volvo as the UK’s leading car brand and support of the company’s global sponsorship strategy. Through extensive branding and promotions, including numerous documentaries, the brand’s media profile has increased significantly. Car sales and exhibition leads demonstrate that the sponsorship has directly affected sales.

Project: The Varsity Rugby Match

Sponsor: MMC Entered by: MMC

MMC wanted to achieve a crowd of more than 50,000, and double press coverage. The project involved event marketing, PR and media management. As a result, 50,534 people attended the event and the number of press articles mentioning MMC increased more than 20-fold.

ESCA International Sponsorship Award

Supported by The European Sponsorship Consultants Association


Project: Lexus/Colin Montgomerie Sponsorship Strategy

Sponsor: Lexus Europe Entered by: iMediasport

Lexus wanted to support distributors and dealers across Europe, while targeting prospective and existing customers. The company used golfer Colin Montgomerie as the figurehead for an integrated marketing campaign. Almost 18,000 sales prospects and customers were targeted, and 217 sales were directly attributed to the strategy.


Project: Les Arts Florissants

Sponsor: Morgan Stanley Europe Entered by: Sponsorship Consulting

The objective was to reinforce Morgan Stanley’s standing in Europe, both among prospective and existing customers. 53,000 people have been directly exposed to the Morgan Stanley brand in prime venues. Annual increases in the number of concerts, and in audience figures, have raised awareness.

Project: MTV Ibiza 2001

Sponsor: Pringles Entered by: MTV Networks Europe

See Media Sponsorship category

Project: West Indies Cricket

Sponsor: Cable & Wireless Entered by: Karen Earl Sponsorship

The sponsorship is used to demonstrate a commitment to the Caribbean and to promote loyalty. Research shows that 92 per cent of adults in the Caribbean agree the sponsorship demonstrates C&W’s commitment to the region, while 93 per cent see it as having a positive impact on the brand.

Best Use of Research

Sponsored by Ipsos and Marketlink Research


Project: Flora London Marathon 2001

Sponsor: Flora

Entered by: LGM Consulting

Flora has sponsored the London Marathon since 1996. The brand recognised the need to track its activity to measure the success of the 2001 event and use the findings as a platform for future planning. To this end, face-to-face interviews were carried out, press coverage was analysed, spontaneous association was monitored, and the brand’s performance was measured. As a result of the research findings, Flora has extended its contract with the London Marathon to 2004.


Project: Macmillan Cancer Relief Cancer Talk

Sponsor: Macmillan Cancer Relief Entered by: Educational Communications

Macmillan set out to explore cancer issues within schools, evaluate Macmillan materials and assess teacher needs. In-depth interviews, discussions groups and questionnaires uncovered that awareness of Macmillan was low. As a result an educational strategy has been created.

Project: Rugby Union

Sponsor: Zurich Entered by: Ipsos UK

Zurich’s main objective was to divide its brand communication programme and identify the effect of its rugby sponsorship. Through three research projects, Ipsos and Zurich concluded that Zurich’s brand awareness increased significantly during the period of its involvement in rugby union.

Best Low Budget Sponsor


Project: Avon Insurance Combination

Sponsor: Avon Insurance

Entered by: The Sponsorship Consultancy

Primary objectives were to build and cement relationships with key brokers. The programme execution involved broker and consumer activities. Of Avon’s 150 key brokers, 86 are involved with the sponsorship. In 2000, these brokers provided Avon with over &£26m of business, compared with &£4.8m prior to sponsorship launch.


Project: Pizza Expresss FreeStage

Sponsor: Pizza Expresss Entered by: The London Jazz Festival

See Arts Sponsorship

Project: Help a Local Child

Sponsor: Greggs North-west Entered by: Help a Local Child

The project was designed to increase customer numbers in Greggs shops within the 97.4 Rock FM and Magic 999 broadcast area, thus increasing sales and supporting the charity. On-air promotions, signposting, branding and sampling were used. As a result, visits to Greggs’ shops increased in the designated areas and the charity has raised over &£40,000 from activities promoted by Greggs.

Project: The Ideal Curry

Sponsor: Ideal Boilers Entered by: Communiqué PR

The objectives were to raise awareness of the brand within the plumbing industry and create customer loyalty. A light-hearted campaign was developed, in which readers of Professional Builder were invited to vote for their favourite curry house. Response was positive, with about 110 letters received each month. The equivalent advertising spend was valued at &£48,886 (against a total sponsorship budget of &£3,000).

Best Use of Public Relations

Sponsored by Durrants and supported by the Public Relations Consultants Association


Project: BBC Children in Need (CiN)

Sponsor: BT

Entered by: Sinclair Mason

The idea was to position BT as a key sponsor of CiN, launch the CiN donation line, and raise as much money as possible for the cause. An integrated plan to target national and regional TV, radio, and print media was undertaken, including appearances from S Club 7 and Joanna Lumley. Media coverage reached an audience of 102,787,465 and &£728,562 was donated to CiN in just four weeks.


Project: NTL and the British & Irish Lions 2001

Sponsor: NTL Entered by: Karen Earl Sponsorship

See Sports category

Project: Orange Prize for Fiction

Sponsor: Orange Entered by: Orange

See Continuity category

Sponsorship Personality of the Year

Sponsored by Sutton Gibbs Recruitment

Winner Ellen MacArthur MBE

Kingfisher’s sponsorship of yachts-woman Ellen MacArthur transformed the conglomerate into a household name as Ellen competed in the gruelling, around-the-world Vendée Globe yacht race. No passive partner, Ellen, having sourced and secured her own sponsorship, set about working every angle, exploiting every media opportunity, tapping into the growing enthusiasm for instant news via SMS, e-mail and online. The programme catapulted Ellen from relative obscurity to the status of national heroine and created an internationally recognised ambassador for the Kingfisher brand, capturing hearts and minds.

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