Month: July 2005

23Red wins £4m Ciba Vision brief

Marketing Week

Novartis-owned ophthalmic company Ciba Vision has appointed 23red to work on a £4m advertising project. 23red, an integrated agency whose clients include Volvo UK and Bacardi- Martini, declined to comment on the account win as Marketing Week went to press. Ciba Vision, which sells contact lenses directly to the public, recently appointed Grey London to […]

The Games are truly up for ambush marketing

Marketing Week

Since the success of London’s Olympic bid, I have been saddened that so much post-bid attention has been given to ambush marketing. In “When it pays to pounce” (MW July 7), a rather crass question was raised: “Why should Nike spend £100m when it can ambush free of charge?” Aside from the fact that Olympic […]

ASA backing for L Word imagery

Marketing Week

The advertising watchdog has not upheld complaints against the most controversial non-broadcast ad this year. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received 650 complaints against a poster campaign for The L Word, a show about lesbian friends in Los Angeles. The posters feature photographs of women’s bodies from chest to thigh wearing only knickers and covered […]

No more need to bottle up your multilingual dreams

Marketing Week

While HSBC prides itself on its worldwide local knowledge, poster ads and television commercials aren’t the sort of thing a traveller can pop in his pocket. Gifts company Special EFX has come up with a much more practical way of ensuring that, when in Rome, travellers are able to do as the Romans do. Its […]

Nectar is still helping with cross-pollination

Marketing Week

I would like to refute key points in David Miller’s letter, “Loyalty runs out of honey, try intrinsic value” (MW last week). Miller states that Nectar has not encouraged cross-shopping between Nectar sponsors and that most collectors are passive. He is wrong on both counts. Cross-shopping has shown a continual rise since we launched Nectar […]

OFT to raise awareness of service code

Marketing Week

The Office of Fair Trading is launching a national advertising campaign to raise awareness about its Consumer Codes Approval Scheme and its logo. Under the scheme, industry bodies are encouraged to create rules on how members should treat the public and submit them to the OFT. The OFT says organisations will have to prove that […]

New media fail to squash snail mail

Marketing Week

While it may be true that TV is no longer the premier medium for brand building (Are marketers turned off by television?, MW July 14), it is unfair to establish that new media and radio are the way forward. New media are coming under massive pressure from legislation and the effects of past under-regulation. Under […]

Is Heinz the first of many?

Marketing Week

With Heinz axing its above-the-line spend ahead of an expected economic downturn, and other companies preparing similar cuts, the advertising industry must take decisive action to persuade such businesses that marketing need not be the first c

The British economy remains full of beans

Marketing Week

As surely as swallows herald summer, at the first whiff of recession one of the big advertisers has massively cut its marketing and media spend. Those with long memories will recall that Heinz has something of a reputation as a spend-slasher. A decade ago, it created notoriety for itself by sensationally cutting its main media […]

Axa UK to make dramatic debut in ITV3 sponsorshi

Marketing Week

Insurance giant Axa UK is to sponsor drama on ITV3 in a deal worth up to £2m over eight months. It is the first time the channel’s British drama strand has been sponsored, and the first time that Axa, known for its sports sponsorship, has ploughed money into supporting programming. The sponsorship deal will cover […]

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