Mattesons advert

The watchdog ruled the ads for the smoked pork sausage brand “could cause harm to children” and were inappropriately scheduled during times when children could be listening.

Four separate executions aired on three different Scottish commercial radio stations.

One featured a female saying: “I’m renowned for my big sausage hot pot. People are always calling by for a bit and my husband Roger loves it.”

A male voice replies: “Roger that Fiona. Ladies, keep telling me where you like to stick yours… Mmm, Mattesons smoked pork sausage. You want it.”

Kerry Foods says the ads were cleared by standards body RACC, which said no scheduling restrictions were necessary because the ads were not graphic or sexually explicit.

The watchdog cleared the ads of being offensive after 21 people complained about the sexual innuendos. The ASA accepted Kerry Foods’ argument that the ads were tongue-in-cheek and light-hearted.

The ASA says the ads must not be broadcast around programmes likely to be heard by a significant number of children.