Waitrose customers can vote online for a variety of old-fashioned treats including Sherbet Pips, Barley Sugar and Chocolate Limes. The winner will be announced in October.

The campaign also marks the launch of Monty Bojangles in Waitrose, a range of natural sweets including traditional favourites such as pear drops and rhubarb and custards.

Matthew Jones, Waitrose confectionery buyer said: “Retro foods have really seen a resurgence over the past year, and corner shop sweets are what everyone remembers from their childhood. It’s been a really tough task deciding which varieties to bring back onto our shelves, and that’s why we’re launching the Great Sweet Revival campaign – it’s now the nation’s chance to bring back their old favourites.”

Nostalgia in marketing has had a come back this year with brands such as Milky Way and Cadbury using old adverts to tap into childhood memories to promote products.

Nestle has reinstated the classic Milky Way TV advert featuring the red car and the blue car racing and Burton Foods’ Wagon Wheels and launched a caramel version with retro packaging from the 70’s earlier this year.