Virgin Atlantic flies high with new brand livery and identity

Virgin Atlantic Airways has created a new livery and brand identity for the airline that includes a larger Union Jack.

Virgin Atlantic Airways
Virgin Atlantic Airways

Among other changes, the iconic, flag carrying flying lady, who appears on all Virgin Atlantic aircraft, has been given a “subtle” cosmetic makeover and enhanced detailing and now flutters a larger Union Jack.

The design makes the planes more easily identifiable on landing and take off and new elements include the Virgin Atlantic name now appearing larger across the whole of the aircraft.

In addition, the undercarriage of the aircraft now features the new Virgin Atlantic logo in dark purple, making the aircraft more easily identifiable when taking off and landing. The winglets are now red with the Virgin script on the inner side and visible to passengers on board the plane.

It’s the first overhaul of the airline’s livery and design since 2005. The new design will be applied to all of the company’s 38 aircraft, signage, communications and advertising.

The new livery and logo have been developed by Johnson Banks, in collaboration with the in-house brand design team, based on branding guidelines devised by Circus.

Steve Ridgway, chief executive of Virgin Atlantic says:”We’re a dynamic and innovative British company and our new livery will really make us stand out from the crowd, both in the sky and on the ground at airports all over the world.

“Despite the most challenging economic conditions that we have encountered for some time, this is just one of many design projects that Virgin Atlantic has invested in.”

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