Nutella is launching a £10m integrated campaign positioning Nutella as a “good breakfast option” for all the family.

The ads will highlight Nutella’s low GI value and hazelnut content as a source of slow release energy, which makes it a “good breakfast choice”.

Mauro de Felip, Ferrero UK marketing director, says that while Nutella is not being promoted as a “healthy” food, the campaign is driving the message that it is a good option within a balanced breakfast and fits into the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The “Breakfast Split” ads will launch on TV from 30 August.The campaign, developed by Krow, also takes in online activity including a relaunched website, including recipes, activity packs and a monthly newsletter.

Nutella is also running radio ads, a nationwide sampling campaign, and an on-pack “Nutella art” promotion for kids to win art supplies.

Nutella has seen a 37.8% rise in sales in the past year (Nielsen).