Month: September 2010

Focus groups should be more like a therapists couch

Using the psychoanalytic tradition is more important than simply understanding consumer opinion, says Anna Peters, senior consultant at Promise. Companies who want to understand what consumers really think would do well to consult Freud. In his day, asking patients to recline on a couch was unheard of in polite society. But by asking neurotic patients […]

Satisfaction in the Boardroom?

Vincent Golding, account director at Kadence International, gives his view on how customer satisfaction scores can be used more meaningfully in the boardroom You must have noticed the way customer satisfaction only ever gets higher; every year better than the last, everyone gets a pat on the back (some even get a bonus) and the […]

Too cool for school

I met Stephen Cheliotis, chief executive of the Centre for Brand Analysis, at its Soho HQ a few weeks ago for an exclusive briefing ahead of the release of this year’s CoolBrands list. It’s a list of 500 brands deemed to be Britain’s coolest by a specifically chosen “expert council” and a YouGov survey of […]

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