Month: October 2010

A nation of online shopkeepers


Google’s latest report into the UK’s online industry has thrown up some interesting revelations about British business, and the future of the digital economy in this country. Worth £100bn and making up 7.2% of GDP, the UK online economy is booming, and looks set to rise by 10% by 2015 according to Google and Boston […]

The content economy: the answer to brand, publisher and consumer co-existence


Alicia Navarro, the founder and chief executive of affiliate marketing company Skimlinks, explains how combining relevant content within text marketing enhances the online consumer experience. Consumers’ love affair with the internet’s treasure chest of information has fuelled the proliferation of content sites: from newspapers’ expansion into internet news portals to the explosion of sites built […]

Marketing in crisis?

Lucy Handley

This week’s cover feature looks at the often grim view board members have of marketing. But is marketing at a crisis point? Over the last few weeks I have almost become convinced that it is. It started when I began researching this week’s cover feature on what board members really think of marketers. I spoke […]

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