Month: January 2011

BlackBerry UK’s top smartphone


BlackBerry is now the UK’s biggest smartphone vendor as the youth market spurred its growth over the busy Christmas period, with over 500,000 handsets sold in December alone. RIM UK managing director Stephen Bates explains the reasons for its success. Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM), which develops BlackBerry phones, now has more than 28% […]

Face it, all marketers are direct marketers

Russell Parsons

“We are all direct marketers now” is not a phrase that will go down to the annals of oratory history in quite the same way as Richard Nixon’s “we are all Keynesians now” but, according to a new report, it is fast-becoming a reality. A white paper, authored by Martin Hayward, former director of strategy […]

Honda Jazz ad jumps from TV to smartphone


Honda is set to launch the first television advertising campaign that lets consumers interact with a TV ad via an iPhone app to promote its new Jazz model. The free app uses “screen-hopping” technology to allow audiences to engage with characters that appear in the “This Unpredictable Life” TV ad by transferring them to the […]

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