Volkswagen campaign

It is thought to have exceeded last year’s record of 106.5 million viewers. A 30-second ad spot during the game ran to around $3m (£1.9m).

The event saw nine car manufactures and a number of automotive industry websites such as Cars.com advertise. Analysts say this shows that the industry has bounced back following the downturn.

Social commerce site Groupon.com made its Super Bowl debut, but the ad, which includes the line: “The people of Tibet are in trouble, their very culture in jeopardy”, has already been criticised on Twitter for making light of the political situation in Tibet.

Food and drink brands such as Snickers, Doritos, Lipton Ice Tea, Coca-Cola and Pepsi Max also appeared.

Electricals giant Best Buy made its Super Bowl debut with an ad starring Ozzy Osbourne and wife Sharon alongside teen star Justin Beiber.

Joan Rivers donned a pair of hotpants and low-cut top in domain name registry firm GoDaddy.com’s ad.

Doritos’s revealed another crowdsourced Super Bowl ad, which according to USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter was one of the “most-liked” ad within the game.

Volkswagen’s ad for its new Passat included a child dressed as Darth Vader “using the Force” volkswagen the force.

Sneakers brand Sketchers took to the screens with celebrity Kim Kardashian promoting its Shape Up shoes.

The Black Eyed Peas, who performed at the Super Bowl, appeared in cartoon form in an ad for file-sharing site Chatter.com.

Rapper Eminem starred in a claymation ad for Lipton’s Brisk Iced Tea.

Comedienne Rosanne Barr starred alongside Richard Lewis in Snickers’ Super Bowl ad.