Apple sues Samsung for “copying” iPad and iPhone design

Apple has sued rival Samsung, claiming the latter copied the design of the iPad and iPhone for its range of Galaxy smartphones and tablets.


Apple says Samsung has infringed its patents by copying aspects of its design such as the appearance of its screen icons, user interface and look and feel of its products.

In court documents related to the case, Apple has provided photos of Samsung’s Galaxy tablet next to its own iPad device.

The lawsuit says: “Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smartphone products and computer tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple’s technology, user interface and innovative style in these infringing products.”

Apple brought 16 claims against Samsung including trademark infringement, patent claims and unjust enrichment at the lawsuit filed on 15 April in the US District Court of California.

A Samsung spokeswoman says: “Samsung’s development of core technologies and strengthening our intellectual property portfolio are keys to our continued success. Samsung will respond actively to this legal action taken against us through appropriate legal measures to protect our intellectual property.”

Apple did not respond to a request for statement in time for publication.

Separately, Apple also has lawsuits active against HTC and Nokia. The company claims the two rival phone manufacturers have also infringed its design patents is seeking to ban imports of HTC mobile phones and some Nokia devices.

However, the US International Trade Commission is recommending that HTC and Nokia should not be found liable of infringing Apple’s patents. The judge’s ruling is scheduled to be released in August.

Microsoft is also in a legal dispute with Apple, challenging its trademark for the term “app store”.

Apple has seen its domination of the smartphone market overtaken by the mass production of Android devices, the operating system (OS) Samsung Galaxy phones run.

Android accounted for 38% of all smartphone OS sales in March, compared to Apple’s iOS market share of 23%.

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