“One to one” targeted audio-visual ads, running on internet and mobile streams, will be sold to advertisers as more “accountable and effective” than DAB or FM spots. The service, the station adds, will also include “active location” based advertising.

Only listeners or “smart streamers” as the station has dubbed them, which have “opted-in” by registering on Facebook and are listeners to the station via online players such as Absolute Radio Player and Absolute Radio’s Smartphone apps can be targeted.

Furthermore, brands can also target listeners offering a full profile view. By way of a trade off, smart streamers will receive higher quality audio feed.

James Wigley, Absolute Radio’s head of digital sales, says: “We are thrilled to be the first UK radio broadcaster to offer premium, targeted audio spot commercials in-stream; this big digital development takes us one step closer to being better able to account and measure the ’cause and effect’ of radio advertising for our clients and agencies, whilst offering a more relevant ad-stream for listeners online.”