Brands will be offered the opportunity to display ads across the network and will be allowed to share products with the bloggers for reviews.

The network will include celebrities, such as former foreign secretary David Miliband and TV presenter Aggie Mackenzie, and members of the Mumsnet site.

Mumsnet will share advertising revenue with its bloggers, based on the page views they generate. The site says it aims to develop a new, “more democratic” publishing model.

The site is increasingly looking to exploit its influential status by advising brands, such as Innocent, Asda and Ford about developing suitable products and marketing for mums.

Justine Roberts, Mumsnet’s founder, says: “It’s easy to start a blog but much harder to find an audience. The Mumsnet Bloggers Network will give interesting new voices access to the existing Mumsnet audience of 1.6 million monthly users and help Mumsnetters who wish to turn their hand to blogging.”

The Bloggers Network will also offer advice on how to start a blog and grow audiences and a forum to socialise with other bloggers.