The range of three thin crust pizzas features sun dried tomatoes and 100% mozzarella and toppings such as Ventricina salami, pepperoni and Peruvian roquito peppers.

It also includes gourmet garlic bread.

The new range of pizzas is available from today (15 August) and will be delivered in a blue and white box carrying the Gourmet brand.

Simon Wallis, sales and marketing director at Domino’s Pizza, said: “Our new Domino’s Gourmet Range has been specially developed to appeal to a different type of pizza-eater who is looking for a lighter pizza and more distinctive flavours, which are akin to those you might find in a traditional pizzeria. We want to make dining in the new dining out with Domino’s Gourmet Range.”

Wallis told Marketing Week last year that the takeaway chain was looking to widen its appeal to socio-economic groups that might traditionally shun pizza delivery.

Wallis, who joined from Papa Johns last year, also said that his growth strategy focussed on three things: “broadening the church” of Domino’s custom, increasing the number of meal occasions associated with the brand and developing its digital strategy.

Meanwhile, Chicago Town is launching a promotion inviting customers to swap their usual high street takeaway pizza for a free Chicago Town Takeaway. Consumers can claim back the value of a takeaway when they buy a Chicago Town pizza in the supermarket.