Tesco complained that Asda’s claim that customers could save £15 compared to Tesco shoppers, did not make it clear that the comparison included promotional prices.

Tesco also claimed that its rival implied that Asda shoppers could regularly make savings of £15 against Tesco prices.

The Advertising Standards Authority ruled that Asda had made it clear that the claim was a testimonial from a shopper who had saved £15 and that a range of promotional and non-promotional items were included.

The supermarkets have long used the ASA to make complaints against each other’s tactics, some of which have resulted in ad bans.

Separately, Tesco has avoided censure over its £5 off voucher promotion that attracted complaints because the requirement to spend £0 to redeem the money off voucher was omitted from in-store amreitng materials.

It was concluded that the omission was down to human error and rectified by Tesco without the need for involvement by the regulatory body.