The tool, dubbed PeerPerks, allows consumers to register their hobbies and interests for the chance to receive free products, subscriptions, screenings, tickets and access to events if they are deemed influential enough by PeerIndex’s social media analytics software.

Brands including Atlantic Records and Penguin Books have already used PeerPerks in Beta mode.

Azeem Azhar, PeerIndex CEO, says the service gives brands the opportunity to ensure their sampling campaigns are highly targeted and encourage an uplift in word-of-mouth about their products.

“PeerPerks is like an influence Groupon but rather than offering 70% discounts to any Tom, Dick or Harry who are probably just bargain hunters, you can deep discount your products but the people you are offering them to are highly trusted and respected by their friends,” he adds.

The service also provides brands with insight into the outcomes of their PeerPerks campaigns, such as data on how many people shared content about their products and sentiment tracking.

PeerIndex hopes that by launching the service it will expand from being a data tool aimed at professionals, to becoming a “mass market consumer brand”.

Azhar says: “We have taken the view that consumers are putting a tremendous lot of value out there in the social space but they’re not necessarily getting it back. It’s important for ordinary consumers to recognise that they can be themselves and still get cool stuff…just like journalists and celebrities do.”