The campaign, which breaks in May, will position the brand as a way to do something better for the environment within your everyday routine. It will use the strapline: “a little thing to care more for the environment”.

Andrex wants its Eco brand to sit alongside its mainstream products and is not aiming to position it at a premium level. Instead, it will be on sale at the same price as Andrex’s core ranges.

Andrex Eco has been created with a combination of recycled fibre and bamboo that owner Kimberly-Clark says will change current perceptions of the recycled tissue market.

The FMCG firm claims it is the first time that bamboo has been used by a mainstream tissue brand in the UK. It is claimed that bamboo produces significantly more fibre, on less land, than the trees traditionally used to make tissue paper.

A TV campaign using the CGI puppies Andrex introduced a year ago, will highlight the product’s environmental credentials and bamboo sourcing. It will be backed by an experiential, in-store and digital campaign.

The product is fully FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and comes in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging.

Jon White, Kimberly-Clark marketing director for tissue products, says that there is a demand for higher quality products to grow the eco toilet tissue paper category, which currently represents just 3.5% of the total toilet tissue market in the UK.