The car marque hopes to create the first car “created for the Facebook generation, by the Facebook generation.”

Citroen says it is giving power to consumers by letting them choose what the car looks like and what features it has.

The ‘You Like it, We Make it’ Facebook application allows fans to chose from six configurations including alloys, interior and exterior colour schemes, in-car technology options such as Bluetooth and sat-nav as well as the number of doors the vehicle has.

Citroen will then put the most popular ideas into production to create its Citroen C1 Connexion special edition city car. All participants can also win the car when it is available for sale later this year.

Facebook says that Citroen’s app is an example of a brand building an experience around fans and integrating their interactions and stories with product design via the social platform.

Stephen Haines, UK commercial director of Facebook, says: “Facebook shouldn’t just be bolted on to an existing campaign, it should be an integral part of the brand’s full marketing and strategic plan. With this app, Citroen is demonstrating that effective campaigns take in social from the very start.”