Incumbent agency The Red Brick Road is being invited to repitch for the account. It will continue to work on Tesco’s trade communications.

Tesco was The Red Brick Road’s founding client, when the agency was created by Sir Frank Budge Lowe in 2005. The agency has been responsible for all Tesco’s major advertising campaigns since then including its Christmas campaigns, F&F clothing brand activity and the recent campaign for The Big Price Drop.

Matt Atkinson, Tesco group marketing and digital officer says: “During the time we have worked with The Red Brick Road the way brands and consumers engage has changed and it seems to be a good opportunity for us both to step back and take a fresh look.”

The review is part of the wider business review being carried out by Tesco group CEO Philip Clarke. Clarke is set to outline a complete overhaul of its business strategy at Tesco’s results presentation next week.

Last week the supermarket relaunched its value range as Everyday Value which is likely to be the first of a number of own-label overhauls from Tesco in the coming months

Speaking to Marketing Week about the relaunch, Sidonie Kingsmill, Tesco brand development director, did not rule out that similar relaunches for Tesco’s core and Finest ranges would follow.

She said: “There is a culture of continuous improvement at Tesco, and we’re always looking at making our own label the best it can be.”

The supermarket has already said that it will hire 20,000 new staff and refresh stores as part of its efforts to improve the customer experience.