Brands plan to take off with Prometheus

Sega is investing in the key advertising spot accompanying the Ridley Scott-directed science-fiction film Prometheus.


The computer games company will promote its release Aliens: Colonial Marines, with advertising in the ‘Silver Spot’ position at the three leading cinema chains contracted to sales house DCM during the opening week of Prometheus.

The Silver Spot runs after the main ad reel and before the film trailers. Other brands looking to associate with the film by booking ad spots include Lynx, Audi, LoveFilm, HTC and Carling.

Prometheus, which is a prequel to the Alien film franchise, opens wide tomorrow (1 June), and is expected to be a huge box office smash. It has already broken pre-book sales records for IMAX.

Simon Rees, managing director of cinema sales house DCM, says: “With Prometheus already breaking records for IMAX presales in excess of £500,000, advertisers’ foresight in placing spots around this big event movie looks set to deliver significant audiences across this weekend.

“The history and heritage around the Alien franchise, added to the fact the film is shot from inception in cutting edge 3D, boasts Fox’s biggest production budget ever and heralds Ridley Scott’s return to the genre is appealing to the aspirational, upwardly mobile and techno-savvy audience.”

The film, distributed by Twentieth Century Fox, is a prequel to the Alien films and Scott directed the first film in the franchise.

Media coverage of Prometheus includes a pull-out poster in today’s edition of The Sun.

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