Month: June 2012

Bye-bye BB

Lara O'Reilly

BlackBerry maker RIM’s latest financial results and corresponding announcements that it is to delay its crucial turnaround OS BB10 and lay off almost 30% of its staff were not just disappointing. They were disastrous. As one analyst put it, BlackBerry’s downfall is like “watching a puppy die”. Ouch.

RIM disappoints with BB10 delays


BlackBerry maker RIM has further delayed the crucial launch of its BB10 operating system and has confirmed it is to cut 28% of its workforce, indicating once again that the smartphone maker is struggling to compete against rivals such as Apple and Samsung.

Premier League clubs’ focus switches to data in Asia


As one of the biggest markets for Premier League teams, Asia offers a plethora of revenue generating opportunities. For the likes of Arsenal, Queens Park Rangers and Manchester City, who are all preparing to travel to the region on pre-season tours, the trips are no longer smash and grab raids to sell replica shirts but an exercise in data capture designed to create additional value for sponsors.

News Corp confirms split

news corp

The Murdoch-owned company says the split will create an “unparalleled portfolio of assets, brands and franchises” that will benefit from enhanced strategic alignment and increased operational flexibility.

Multi-screen viewing drives TV ad engagement


People who watch TV while using an internet-connected device such as a smartphone or tablet are more likely not to change the channel during the ad break because they are able to “act on what they see immediately”, a new study reveals.

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