However, this is not our experience; we work with chief executives who are very much in the other 30 per cent, who with a CPA (cost per acquisition) model can clearly see results from the campaign they are investing in.

Chief executives’ attitude to marketing means that campaigns have to be more ‘science’ than ‘art’ now. The expectation for marketers to deliver tangible results means that concentration on numbers is essential, and working with a model that generates trackable results makes it easier for marketers to justify their campaign spend.

The research from Fournaise Marketing Group is a call to action for marketers to rise to the challenge and adapt their strategy to meet business goals. Getting consumers to engage with brands online is extremely valuable but ideally marketing campaigns will result in a direct action such as a sale, signing up for a report or a ‘like’ on a social network. This will emphasise the value of the marketer’s work to the wider business.

Mark Haviland, managing director, Rakuten LinkShare