Nielsen rolls out real time online ad tracker

Nielsen has launched a real time campaign measurement tool that allows brands to evaluate the “resonance” of online activity.

Online measurement
Nielsen launches real time online measurement.

Online Brand Effect launches today (13 December) to complement the Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings tool launched in October to help brands measure the reach of activity.

It will measure “brand lift” metrics including improvements in awareness, attitude, favourability, purchase intent and preference as well as which attributes of an ad are driving performance, including creative execution, site delivery and the impact of frequency of exposure.

Because it offers a real time measurement brands and agencies will be able to make amends to campaigns and alter activity in response to the results.

It has been trialled in the UK by the Financial Times, which says it has used the tool to demonstrate to advertisers how its platform can improve brand awareness and show an immediate response.

Online Brand Effect is already available in the US and Australia where Nielsen claims advertisers and agencies using it have reported a 30 per cent higher “brand lift” on average.

Nielsen European lead for advertising solutions Claudia Pardo, says: “Ideally, brand advertisers would never spend a dollar on advertising they don’t measure and optimise. Measuring an ad’s impact once the campaign is over is too late. To gain the greatest benefit, advertisers, their agencies and online publishers need to understand the reach and resonance of their ads at each and every step of the campaign – they can then adjust the plan while there’s still time to make a real difference. The boost to brand lift can be significant.”

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