Diet plan aims to challenge conventions of the weight loss industry.

The brand says its campaign will move away from the ‘quick fixes’ and ‘big promises’ that other industry leaders portray. Instead it pledges to be “refreshingly honest” about the weight loss journey its members make with “gentle humour”.

A TV ad campaign, due to launch on Boxing Day (26 December) has been created by Brothers and Sisters. It will run until April.

The “daring” new look has been developed by So Creative and aims to communicate the positive messaging.

Sarah Kelly, CEO of LighterLife, says that by taking a behavioural change approach to weight loss its members will see better results.

She says: “Our consumer insights work showed that the general public were fed up of being told the same old mantra by weight loss companies that all you need to do is ‘eat less, move more’ and are screaming out for a new approach that looks at their mindset and relationship with food. With this evidence behind us, we feel confident that the new brand will be a big success and reap dividends for next year.”

LighterLife has also worked with Carat on media planning and PHA Media on PR.