The Mars confectionery brand has 2.7 million Facebook fans in the region, boosted by prominent campaigns such as its “Facebook status updater” and current activity around its “Confused?” variant.

Facebook has recently rolled out “Local Page Ranks”, which breaks down the total number of fans by country. Previously only the admin of a Facebook page could see where in the world its fans were distributed – and not those of other pages.

Previously Amazon was thought to be the most followed brand in the UK but the new rankings have found it actually has the second largest fan base in the region.

Apple’s iTunes has now dropped off the UK’s top ten Facebook page list altogether – under the old global ranking system it ranked at number eight.

Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers – the first company to release the data – says: “Brands that previously found themselves top of the rankings in terms of fan numbers have dropped significantly. However, the benefits of this tool are clear: marketers can better target their social media campaigns to make them more relevant to the markets in which they sell their products or services. They will also be able, for the first time, to see what countries their competitors’ fans come from.”

Facebook UK Rankings