The spot, featuring a sleep deprived father singing of the chores of fatherhood as he performs his regular task of taking his little ones for a drive to get them to sleep, clocked up 1.45 million views last month.

The eighties referencing ad – pastel coloured Miami Vice style jackets, keytars, Kate Bush and bleached big hair all feature – beat Irn-Bru’s Scottish dad suffers daughter’s very English boyfriend ad and Pepsi MAX’s spot featuring Nascar star Jeff Gordon taking a faster than comfortable test drive with an unsuspecting dealer into second and third place respectively.

See and watch these and the rest of the top ten below.

1. Fiat’s “The Fatherhood”

2. Irn Bru’s “New Fella”

3. Pepsi MAX’s “Test Drive”

4. Adidas Originals’ “Unite all”

5. Samsung’s “Introducing Samsung GALAXY S4”

6. Save the Children UK’s “What Has Aid Ever Done For Anyone?”

7. Volvo’s “Commuter Hijack”, Cardiff

8. Foot Locker and Adidas’ “Never Stop”

9. Volvo’s “Volvo Commuter Hijack”, London

10. O2’s “Mother’s Day Apps For Kids”

The list is compiled by calculating the number of UK views, how much of an ad people choose to watch and the percentage of organic views versus paid views.