The Irish bookmaker is celebrating its 2012 financial results which saw income rise 31 per cent year-on year to €654m by circulating documents showcasing their marketing exploits over the last 12 months, including ambush tactics for London 2012 and branding footballer Nicklas Bendtner’s underpants in Euro 2012.

This will be accompanied by a cook book referencing the 2013 horse meat scandal, another national conversation Paddy Power has capitalised on. The book will also play the theme tune to Black Beauty via a tie-up with Talking Print.

Ken Robertson, Paddy Power’s “head of mischief”, says: “Historically, financial results have been very dull and we wanted to reflect our brand persona as a mischief-maker this time.

“When you cross over from things like marketing into finance that can be difficult but we wanted this to help showcase our marketing too this year.”