Coke is using a insight platform to target shoppers with localised campaigns.

The customer insight initiative will see the business create a network of outlets over the next three years that either currently sell or have the potential sell its brands. The platform, developed in partnership customer insight agency Serendipity2 Marketing Group, garners sales and volume data which Coke will combine with its own before mapping it against external consumer, workplace, competitor and retail geo-demographics.

The insights will used to spot what brands are selling well and where they are in most demand with Coke looking to roll-out tactical campaigns, at a localised level. It is hoped the push will ultimately increase volume sales across the UK and lift the ROI for its brand activations.

Previously, the brand has worked with existing retail partners to develop sales strategies using lifestyle and behavioural data on shoppers. The latest phase aims to scale-up the approach and create a clearer, more informative database that accelerates Coke’s ongoing  efforts to create a single customer view. 

The company says the update will allow it to develop this approach further and make “consumer geo-demographics” a more prominent part of how it plans campaigns in the UK.