Month: August 2013

Brands need to be wary of the pitfalls of ‘going native’


The term ‘native advertising’ is one that’s fast becoming one of the de-rigueur marketing phrases of 2013, as brands seek ever-more sophisticated ways of penetrating the psyche of audiences in the UK, where many people claim to be resistant to all forms of advertising – at least on a conscious level.  

Will the appointment of VCCP Blue signal a turnaround for Asda?


This week Asda appointed VCCP Blue to its estimated £100m ad account, in a bid to overhaul its marketing and maintain its share of the supermarket sector, which has been under increasing competition from discounters like Aldi and Lidl at one end of the scale, and upmarket supermarkets like Waitrose and Sainsbury’s at the other.

Vodafone outspends O2 on marketing to boost 4G demand


Vodafone and O2 have switched on their 4G networks for the first time today (29 August), but the former company is set to spend considerably more on advertising in the opening weeks of launch as it looks to improve current levels of consumer demand for its services.

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