A series of BBH created television ads for the card, which earns users loyalty points every time they use it, feature love-sick male shop workers wondering why the object of their desire does not shop there anymore.  

Alex Naylor, Barclaycard’s head of marketing communications, planning and development, told Marketing Week the campaign and product reflect the increasing important of value in consumers’ decision to purchase and their more “promiscuous” behaviour as a result.  

Freedom Rewards was relaunched in October 2012 after criticism not all spend on the card accrued points. Points are now awarded with every purchase with double points for grocery and petrol spending and points can be redeemed at 70 plus retailers. 

Naylor says the campaign aims to help the product stand out in the competitive credit, store and loyalty card space.  

“It is a cluttered market. This is about differentiating the card with emotional engagement and a disruptive campaign.”

Asked why it had taken a year to launch a major campaign to push the product, Naylor says the payment provider had taken its time to make sure the proposition was comprehensive enough in terms of redemption partners. It will continue to use closed social network “the future forum” to crowd source ideas on product development.

Barclaycard has partnered with Mumsnet for the campaign to help target a key demographic for the product, parents. The forum will host branded content offering shopping tips, while bloggers and experts will offer advice on getting good value on the high street.