Month: September 2014

Starbucks EMEA marketing boss on deepening engagement with the brand


Starbucks’ product-led marketing has been delivering growth in same-store sales for the past 18 quarters. To sustain the momentum, the company is harnessing the power of user-generated content to humanise the brand and connect with customers at a personal level, says EMEA marketing boss Ian Cranna.

Why are online retailers still ignoring personalisation?

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Amazon has long been lauded as the darling of online personalisation so it comes as no surprise that 82 per cent of UK shoppers agree that it leads the way. What is highly shocking, however, is the fact that just two per cent of online retailers think offering a tailored shopping experience is important, according to a new study published today.

Google should be reacting to Apple’s smackdown on its privacy policies

This week Apple CEO Tim Cook aimed two thinly-veiled slap downs at internet services companies, such as Google and Facebook, which make revenue from collecting user data in order to serve them targeted ads. His attacks were strongly-worded and highly-visible – and those in the firing line shouldn’t be letting him get away with it.

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