• Chris M

    Very interesting stats and narrative; thanks Jonathan. Patience would seem to be a virtue of Kindle Fire users!

    Do you know whether many of the ‘looked on phone in the morning – no purchase’ then went on to become ‘purchased on desktop in afternoon – conversion’ a few hours later?

    Is it that ‘morning’ emails are not mobile-optimised enough to convert users at all (and so there is no purchase from that user, even later on); or is it that they are optimised enough to convince, but users decide to make the purchase on desktop and/or when they are in less of a rush? Would be fascinating if this data could show more of the user journey in this way.

  • Michelle Dassen

    Totally agree with Chris! Has the research also looked at direct visitore buying on the site in the hours after the campaign was sent? Mobile readers are also more likely to directly visit the website to buy when they’re at the office or at home. Email is still an important motivator in the buying process, even when the purchase isn’t following directly after the mobile click.