• Bruce A J McLauchlan

    I’ve said it before – it shouldn’t be a ‘dislike’ button, it should be an ’empathise’ button. That would make it far more positive in that way it might be used: you can empathise with a loss or bereavement; with someone having a bad day; etc. But you wouldn’t be able to use it for just being negative.

  • Jack Briggs

    It should be “More” or “Less” but changing from “Like” or “Dislike” as a response to multifaceted content is not that simple. The way I would explore it is having two different options for business and personal accounts.

    “More” or “Less” is effectively a survey result in realtime. Gold for brands. Harder when dealing with a personal update or mood hence the two-pronged approach.

    It will be interesting to see the outcome.