protein world

Set to the slogan ‘New Year, New You’, the TV campaign depicts various scantily-clad women posing (or working out, depending on your stance) on the beach to a soundtrack of dance music.

The TV campaign, which is already airing on Channel 5 in the UK, is set to launch across the UK, US, German and French markets, according to Protein World’s founder Arjun Seth.

Protein World’s ‘Are you beach body ready?’ billboards – which showed a woman in a skimpy bikini – sparked widespread controversy last summer, with campaigners accusing the OOH ads of body shaming and being ‘sexist’.

The Advertising Standards Authority banned the ads due to ‘misleading’ health claims but the stunt still gave Protein World plenty of publicity.

Marketing Week columnist Mark Ritson even went as far to suggest that Protein World had created “great marketing.”  Protein World’s Seth told MailOnline at the time that the campaign had boosted brand awareness and led to £2m in sales.

Whether the TV campaign will create the same controversy or have the same impact, remains to be seen.

  • Martin Ballantine

    Protein World is the new Paddy Power.

    • MrB

      Not really

      • Martin Ballantine

        Isn’t it?