Month: February 2016

Creativity in programmatic “should not be an afterthought”

Our Creative Programmatic event is coming up on 2 March and our sister brand, Econsultancy, caught up with two of the speakers at the event, O2’s Head of Digital Excellence, Nick Adams, and TUI’s Head of Media, Sammy Austin. Between them they discussed some of the biggest emerging trends and challenges in programmatic, and offered their opinions and advice on where creativity fits within this channel.

Why brands must start preparing for new data laws now

Big data

As the marketing industry prepares for the introduction of new EU data laws, companies including Facebook, Barclays and the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) urged brands to be proactive to ensure they remain “one step ahead” of law enforcers.

Businesses full of curious minds are far better equipped to succeed

Helen Tupper

Management buzzwords come along at such a rate that you can be forgiven for rolling your eyes when presented with a new one, but in the case of curiosity quotient (CQ) there is considerable merit. First, there was IQ (intelligence quotient), then it was all about EQ (emotional quotient) and now along comes CQ and the killer question: how curious are you?

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