• danimalroar

    I had a OnePlus phone but their atrocious customer service crippled the whole experience. The only word of mouth I can give is warning to avoid them.

  • Lauri

    It’s a good phone as long as it doesn’t need warranty service. It’s real pain to contact customer service (And they probably don’t speak your language) and then ship it to another country for a service.

  • Oscar

    There is no warranty at all. When they realized it’s a hardware issue(after a useless remote session, I told them I did the same 10 times) they opened an RMA request, but I still didn’t received any update about it(It was more than a month ago). So I can’t use my phone since November. Forget this company…

  • nikolas

    #NEVERAGAIN I learnt my leason. They don`t sell spare parts to customers so the only way to fix your device is to send it to them without knowing how much the cost would be. If you live in a country with no service point? Bad luck… you have to pay the shipping costs too. RIDICULOUS.

  • Robin Cormack

    #NeverSettle for what? I have had to settle for the most appalling customer service I have ever experienced from an online retailer. I have jumped through their hoops, sending images of unopened boxes filling out their online forms, waiting 45mins on the phone to speak to a service agent, exchanging 50+ emails. I still don’t have a refund for an unopened, brand new power adapter and cable. It is truly incredible, I have been dealign with this since November. Rubbish. It seems that anyone can make and sell phones these days but its the proper brands that value their customers with efficient customer service.

  • steveboyo

    Ive had the OnePlus One and One Plus X and they’re both excellent phones. Their customer service is what needs improvement, if they get that right then the sky’s the limit.

  • Zaphod Beelebrox

    The usual standard of piffle and twaddle. The customer service is appalling and this twit talks about loyalty.The OPO was an excellent phone but the OP2 wasjut not work buying.Its so good that OP are going to be replacing less than a year after its launch.
    Unless this company really gets its act together you would have to be a complete muppet to buy a phone from them.