£2m Sara Lee bonus for Optimedia

Sara Lee Corporation has appointed Optimedia to handle the planning and buying account for Sara Lee Bakery, worth &£2m.

The move follows the appointment of Publicis, which owns Optimedia, to the &£2m creative account for the business nearly four months ago. Zenith, which is now also owned by Publicis, retains Sara Lee’s household and beauty products accounts.

The creative account was previously held by Bank Hoggins O’Shea/FCB, which devised the strapline “No one needs Sara Lee” to promote it as an indulgence brand.

The account reviews follow the appointment of new marketing director David Bolsher, earlier this year. He joined from United Biscuits and replaced Deidre O’Donoghue, who quit after only three months in the job. She had been promoted from marketing manager.

A company spokesman confirms the appointment of Optimedia, which will handle media arrangements, including TV, outdoor and press ads.

Sara Lee Bakery is the UK’s leading frozen desserts brand. It has recently boosted its ad spend as it tries to fight off the rise of own-label products. Rooney Anand, managing director of Sara Lee Bakery, is planning to extend the company’s frozen range to cater for modern eating habits, including the launch of a range of fresh desserts.


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