3V launches internet gift card

3V Transaction Services, a provider of white label gift card and voucher products, has launched the first online Visa shopping gift card to consumers in the UK. This claims to be the first-ever dedicated internet gift card available to people around the world.

It will be sold in £25 denominations from high street retailers including Martin’s Newsagent, Martin McColl’s and Borders. Consumers will be able to use the gift card to shop online anywhere that Visa is accepted without needing a credit or debit card, or a bank account.

The 3V Internet Visa Shopping Gift Cards, supported by Alliance & Leicester, have been themed to provide a range of options for consumers. They are being launched by 3V today (December 11) ahead of Christmas.

3V is also launching gift cards from other online brands including Bebo, which consumers will be able to use to buy anywhere Visa is accepted on the internet. In addition it is launching a closed loop branded eBay Gift cards. Both will be available in Sainsbury’s stores and other retailers.

Niki Akhurst, a director at 3V, says: “Based on then success of open loop gift cards in the US, that now account for 40% of gift cards purchased, we’re confident that our branded gift card – both open and closed loop that can be used to shop on the internet – will also be a success in the UK.”


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