£4m St Ivel Gold taste relaunch

St Ivel Gold is being reformulated as part of a major relaunch backed by a £4m marketing campaign.

The new version of St Ivel Gold will use semi-skimmed milk and, according to an industry insider, will have a more butter-like taste.

He claims that the reformulation follows research which revealed that the product did not deliver on taste.

The relaunch will be supported by a new TV ad showing a woman walking down a supermarket aisle hearing technical jargon such as lypo-proteins. It ends with the strapline: “half the fat, all the taste and none of the jargon”.

The insider says: “The positioning is along the lines of the research.”

He claims that St Ivel Gold has been in “decline” over the past three years and has come under pressure from more buttery products.

Packaging for the product has also been redesigned and given a more modern look.

It is understood that the gold cross has been dropped in favour of graphics showing milk being poured into a yellow swirl of spread on a blue background.

The relaunch will be supported by TV and press advertising, as well as a coupon promotion.


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