5 killer stats to start your week

We arm you with all the stats you need to prepare for the coming week and help you understand the big industry trends.


1. UK ad spend better than expected

UK ad spend is set to hit £18.9bn in 2017, a 5% increase on last year
It is expected to rise 4.8% to £19.8bn in 2018.
Digital advertising is expected to hold a 60% share of UK ad investment in 2018, due to: rising digital audiences, the growth of ecommerce and a preference among marketers for driving near term ROI.

Source: GroupM

2. UK online sales growth stalls

Online share of grocery and FMCG sales has reached 7.5% in the UK – the highest share in Europe.
But growth is stalling as the market matures. The UK e-commerce growth rate is 7.6%, down from 9.8% last year.
This compares to a global increase of 30%.
Online purchases now account for 4.6% of all FMCG sales worldwide.

Source: Kantar Worldpanel

3. The value of consumer data

UK consumers value their data at £254 per year on average, while US consumers value it at £183.
Despite the price tag, many consumers feel uninformed about their data – 51% of UK respondents and 31% of US consumers say they do not feel informed enough to value their data.
62% were not aware their data was encrypted and could not be used to identify them as an individual. Just 18% understood what data was being gathered for advertising purposes.

Source: LoopMe

4. Readers’ relationship with publishers has an impact on advertising

The relationship a reader has with a publisher has far more impact on the effectiveness of online ads than the surrounding editorial content, suggesting concerns around brand safety may be misunderstood.
A study compared the conscious and subconscious reactions of 4,370 people, who were served ads on websites either with or without publisher branding. It revealed that ads on the publisher-branded sites increased consideration for the advertiser by 60% compared to the ads on the site without publisher branding.
For readers with a close relationship to the publisher, consideration for the advertiser was 152% higher than among those who saw the ads on the site without publisher branding.

Source: Inskin Media, Research Now and Conquest Research

5. TV is the best medium for product launches

TV draws the most attention for new product launches. 44% of Brits say they first notice new products when they appear on TV, far higher than social media (12%) and online ads (9%).
Only one in eight people actually become aware of launches via social media, and just over one fifth (22%) of them share the information online.
Worryingly, 61% of UK consumers are not aware of any new launches from the past 12 months at all. Plus, only 3% believe celebrity endorsement makes launches stand out, and just 7% say they noticed a launch because a celebrity or influencer mentioned it.

Source: Five by Five



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  1. Alex De Groote 27 Nov 2017

    Bullet point 1=5% ad growth in 2017 and 2018 !in the UK! I wish this was credible, but it isn’t. 0% more likely. Look at the recent Budget and the Q3 IPA Bellwether report. The UK economy is one of the weakest in Europe. That is Brexit. Group M is owned by WPP by the way

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