5 killer stats to start your week

We arm you with all the stats you need to prepare for the coming week and help you understand the big industry trends.

 1. The representation of women in advertising hasn’t improved in a decade

Men are present on screen more than women across all ad categories and the measurements of female representation in commercials have barely improved in a decade.

There are still twice as many male characters as female, while 25% of ads feature men only and just 5% feature only women, and 18% of ads feature only male voice compared to 3% for women.

Source: JWT and the Geena Davis Institute

2. Purpose, not profit, is key to business success

The majority of business leaders believe that a strong corporate purpose, rather than maximising shareholder value, is key to business success.

However, purpose means different things to different companies. A third believe purpose means bringing value to customers, 15% that is involves boosting share price and 11% focus on employees.

40% think its means creating value for multiple stakeholders or offering an aspirational reason for being. But two-thirds are profoundly rethinking this and 52% are moving towards the wider concept of purpose.

Source: EY

3. Demand for marketers on the rise

Marketing vacancies increased by 6.9% in the year ending 31 May, while they were up 12% in the three months.

Branding specialists saw the biggest increase, while ‘professional marketers’ and channel specialists also saw increases, albeit from a low base.

Source: Association of Professional Staffing Companies

4. UK ad spend growth cut

UK advertising will see its eighth successive year of growth in 2017, up 4.1%. However this is a downward revision from the 7% growth predicted in November 2017.

The fall is partly attributed to a decline in TV advertising, with spend now expected to drop by 3%. Digital will also grow more slowly, down from an estimated 15% to 11%.

Source: GroupM

5. Grocery shoppers looking for digital innovation

Grocery shoppers are increasingly interested in how digital can make their shopping trip more convenient and easier as 60% say they will use online for at least some of their trips in the next 2-3 years.

28% say they are interesting in using voice technology, 19% in ordering online and collecting from a secure refrigerated locker and 24% in signing up to an online subscription service.

Source: IGD



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