5 killer stats to start your week

We arm you with all the stats you need to prepare for the coming week and help you understand the big industry trends.

1. The Digital Thriopoly

Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent have a stranglehold on the Chinese digital ad market, the second biggest in the world and one where the biggest global players – Google and Facebook – have very little presence.

The three firms account for 62% of the Chinese market and 15% of digital revenues globally. Google and Facebook will capture 49% of digital ad spending this year.

Source: eMarketer

2. Is new tech creepy or cool?

New research shows UK consumers are open-minded about retailers incorporating more technology into the shopping experience.

Payment by fingerprint scanning, voice-activated search and interactive changing rooms were considered most ‘cool’.

The most creepy technologies were using AI to order products, in-store facial recognition, robots guiding shoppers to products and AI-led customer service.

Source: RichRelevance

3. Consumer confidence takes a tumble

Consumer confidence has slumped in the wake of the General Election, falling by 5 points to –10 in June.

All the measures decreased, with propensity to make a major purchase dropping 8 points to 1, a concern for retailers.

Source: GfK

4. Consumers want more from brands in return for their data

71% of British consumers do not think it is worth sharing their personal data with brands and 48% don’t feel it will be treated with respect.

Just 28% say retailers remember what they have bought before, while only 30% get personalised product recommendations.

Source: ICLP

5. Consumers are conflicted over loyalty

Consumers are conflicted over staying loyal to brands, with 55% saying they tend to use the same brands/shops/sites without looking for alternatives but 81% saying they are willing to spend time researching to get the best deal.

Some 46% say they find it hard to know which brands to trust and most want loyalty rewards to be more relevant.

Source: DMA



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