£500 reward for thief who sees the light

Awards ceremonies are always a chance for the voyeur to watch the extremes of emotion, from surprised elation to gut-wrenching disappointment. It is rare, however, for the same people to undergo both. Pity then the poor staff at The Yellow Submarine who, fresh from winning the Best Integrated Campaign award at the MCCA Best Awards, were distraught when they returned to their table to find that some tea-leaf had stolen their treasured periscope mascot.

As The Yellow Submarine were quite attached to said item, they are offering a £500 reward (payable to Comic Relief) for its safe return. The reward can also be claimed by anyone offering a good reason why they needed it (whether they swiped it or not). And remember – you may have a nice trophy in your office, but for as long as it’s there, the people at The Yellow Submarine can see what you’re doing…

To claim the reward, please contact Kevin Stott on 01372 749961.


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