£6m Porsche quits Leagas Delaney for Clark McKay

Porsche has consolidated its entire UK marketing communications business into Clark McKay & Walpole, ending the performance car marque’s relationship with Leagas Delaney.

Clark McKay was appointed after pitching against three undisclosed agencies. The appointment comes ahead of Porsche’s launch into the sports utility (SUV) market, with its new Cayenne 4×4 next year.

The appointment was made by Porsche’s brand communications and strategy manager Wayne Darley, who joined the company from Hyundai.

Darley says the amalgamation is part of an internal restructuring, bringing the marketing and advertising department closer together.

“This is a pretty active time for us, with the launch of the Cayenne next year. The SUV market is a new one for us and will attract a new breed of customer,” says Darley.

He adds that Porsche is planning to return to above-the-line advertising after a gap of nearly three years, and that last year’s &£5m marketing budget is likely to be increased, although he believes the increase will not be more than &£1m.

“Porsche is not known for building SUVs. We need to build awareness quickly while confirming we have not lost the plot or our roots as one of the world’s leading sports car manufacturers,” says Darley.


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